Slushcult "Freaking Amazing" Pro Fingerboard Deck (Clear Backround)


Only 3 pieces in stock!

The new generation of Slushcult pro fingerboards are here! We started this journey a while ago behind the scenes working hard to get everything right before we released to the public. We partnered with DK, a well known deck maker who has provided wood for several brands in the scene for years. We are now doing all the graphics in house, providing us the ability to do more frequent drops and special limited edition series made by us. We will be continuing to create new sizes and shapes as we grow, this is just the beginning!

Collaboration With DK Fingerboards:
• Available in: 
- 30mm x 96mm Popsicle
- 32mm x 96mm Popsicle
- 34mm x 96mm Popsicle
• Medium Concave and Kicks
• Engraved Top Ply
• Ply colors will be chosen at random
• Each deck comes with "That Tape" sheet and exclusive mini sticker sheet
• See shape/mold guide for more info


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