Teck Deck "VS" Series Fingerboard Completes


With two fully assembled fingerboards, one street obstacle, and four Challenge Cards in every pack, the Versus Series is perfect for learning how to master Tech Deck fingerboards and battle your friends!

1  Randomly Chosen  Series Fingerboard Set Includes:
  • TWO FULLY ASSEMBLED FINGERBOARDS: Cruise around on the two included fully assembled mini skateboards! With authentic skate graphics, you will feel like a pro riding an official board from real skate companies.
  • AUTHENTIC STREET OBSTACLES: The whole word is your skatepark with real street obstacles to skate. Each Versus 2-Pack comes with one unique street obstacle to skate and battle on. From barriers, kicker ramps, rails and flat bars, you can skate it all.
  • CHALLENGE CARDS: Use the Challenge Cards to pull up different fingerboard tricks and battle your friends. Draw a card and whoever can complete the trick on their turn wins!
  • TECH DECK ACTION: Tech Deck fingerboard collectibles are great collectible kids toys for skate-lovers ages 6 and up. Great holiday, Christmas, and birthday gift toys!


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