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Grom Series Fingerboard Completes

Welcome to the “Grom Series” by Slushcult.

At $28, this is the perfect entry point into the world of fingerboarding. Something that will help a beginner learn the correct techniques without spending a ton of money, yet still absolutely shred for someone who is more advanced. Each series will feature 5 different collectable graphics and come in different sizes. Every graphic is limited edition, so collecting them will be just as rad as skating them!

Our goal was to produce a fingerboard of pro level quality but at a mass production price. Luckily, we were able to find a factory who was willing to listen and work with us to make something we are very proud of. The Grom Series features a medium concave and medium kick on a twin tail popsicle shape. The graphics are printed using a new UV printing method that will wear away similar to a screen-printed deck over time. They come pre-assembled in the box and still allow the customer to get creative by doing their own grip job with the two sheets provided. Each complete is set up with single axle metal trucks and CNC polyurethane wheels with bearings. Ultimately, this is a way to proudly join our community.

• 32mm x 99mm or 34mm x 98mm
• Twin Tail Popsicle Shape
• Medium Concave / Medium Kicks
• Single Axel Metal Trucks
• Polyurethane Wheels With Real Bearings
• 2 Sheets Of Foam Tape Included
• Fingerboard Tool Included
• Pre-Assembled In Box, You Just Have To Grip It




Learn how to grip your fingerboard below: 

Learn how to Ollie on a fingerboard below:

Learn how to Kickflip on a fingerboard below: