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What the F*%$ is Slushcult?

Slushcult was built, unknowingly, as a direct response for those of us who had to learn at an early age that we couldn’t have what we wanted. Whether it was because of a distorted view of body image, social and economic factors, gender identity or plain ol’ bad luck. So, instead of letting the world tell us that we couldn’t be cool, we made the decision to go out and make cool conform to us---for ourselves and anyone else who felt the same way we did.

Originally, there was no real goal in the beginning; we were just sharing slurpy pics with the homies on Instagram (IG) before IG turned into the influencer infested cash cow it is today. We were just innocently sharing photos of different Slurpee’s we’d get with the hashtag #slurpcult which would be our eventual name before we had to pivot and adopt Slushcult (long story). Slowly, we would have a few random people we didn’t know joining in on the fun and that few, turned into about 1,000. There was a movement organically forming which would go on to embody our DIY ethos, but more importantly, form Slushcult. 

Shortly after, we made our first 15 t-shirts which featured our colorway, the ‘holy trinity’ and they instantly sold out. It was then that we realized that this could be something special. Keeping community at the forefront of what we did, we wanted to make sure that everyone felt welcomed. So, we made sure to produce XXL and XXXL shirts so that we can provide more options than most brands were doing at the time. However, we felt it wasn’t enough; and so, Slushcults first subsidiary---’SnackBoyz’---was born. The focus being a body positive line that featured sizes Small to 7XL so that anyone could look and feel-good no matter what!

Naturally, like with all movements, Slushcult continued to grow and evolve. More people became a part of our story, and we wanted the ability to exist outside of the digital world to create a space that was all-inclusive. It was difficult, but by staying true to our DIY values we opened the Slushcult Mini Mart, our first retail location in Santa Ana, CA. Providing a one-of-a-kind experience, the Mini Mart, has everything from our latest collections and Mini Mart exclusive merch to a carefully curated selection of snacks. It even has a mini arcade bringing you some of the most classic titles!

Not to mention, we recently expanded, and the Mini Mart now features the Mini Skate Shop which has quickly become an industry leader in fingerboarding! We feature 26 of the biggest fingerboard brands in the game (Slushcult being one of them ^.^) which is great because you can find everything you need for your setup under one roof! You’ll even be able to get your own fingerboard obstacles to get some gnarly sessions in with your homies!  We stock the Mini Skate Shop with new stuff every weekend and our staff are always there to help. As one of the largest stockists, we make sure to help push the culture forward by hosting free sessions and events regularly to bring the community together. 

Don’t Forget: Be Nice To Your Mom, Help Your Homies, Don’t Be Afraid To Be Yourself!

Talk soon,