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Decent Bit Mellow Kicker (Cement)

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A classic obstacle for any fingerboard fanatic with a twist! Smooth as glass with a gem-like finish that dazzles. Designed for a perfectly smooth ride up and anti-slip grip to ensure a steady sendoff. This kicker is unlike anything you've seen or felt before. Spice up your collection today!

Dimensions: 30mm tall x 75mm wide x 120mm long (~1.2 x 3 x 5")

Due to filament variations, color patterns shown in pictures may vary.
This kicker is made out of high-quality PLA. Like most plastics, it can warp if left in extreme heat for extended periods (e.g. the dash of a car or anywhere >140F).


Decent Bit Mellow Kicker (Cement) MINI Skate Shop Decent Bit    Slushcult
Decent Bit Mellow Kicker (Cement) Sale price$16.00