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Southsoft Pro Fingerboard Bushings (Dynamic Soft) - Black

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Professional Urethane bushings. These bushings are the result from years of investement, development and testing phases.

These are "SOFT". If you loved the previous OG bushings feelings, you will love these for sure. This urethane durometer maintain the thightness of the bushings without loosing that softness and awesome rebound.

The new Pro bushings shape have been carefully designed to be perfectly mounted in Dynamic trucks, following the measurements of these pro trucks to ensure a perfect fitment.

· If you have Dynamic trucks with standard kingpin, use BRR ed. Bushings
· Color may vary in the pictures because of the lights.

Each set contains:
- Pro bushings (4 conics)
- SouthSoft Vinyl sticker

Designed and created by Seon in Spain.