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Spark "Drinos ACAB" Fingerboard Deck (Blue) 32mm

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"My name is Rimberto, creator of Spark Fingerboards since 2018, one of the most active brands on the Peruvian scene that constantly seeks to experiment with different graphic methods, being screen printing the technique that characterizes us. We constantly seek to improve and increase the level of detail shown in each graphic, for this we collaborate with different artists from around the world. 

The current shape is the result of our own experience and the constant advice of our riders and friends. From time to time I evaluate their performance to make small modifications or improvements since styles change constantly and I always look for the deck to easily adapt to most riders. 

I hope that each person who may have a spark deck can enjoy it as much as I do when creating them since behind each one there is immense work that involves time, friendship and the dream of seeing each project come true. "
Each deck includes:
• 1 32mm Screen Printed Deck (Top Ply Varies)
• 2 Sheets of foam tape
• Sticker Sheet